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AIpandora Network combines the Ethereum development experience of DeepL with the innovation of Pandora Labs' ERC-404 standard, offering a blockchain solution with layer-1 speed and scalability. Whether you are an Ethereum developer or a business interested in Web3, AIpandora provides you with a fast track to Web3 adoption.

Your Digital Future, Our Expertise: AIpandora Delivers Excellence.

AIpandora is a cutting-edge blockchain and ecosystem that is compatible with Ethereum and operates on the EVM Layer 1 Protocol. It drives the advancements of AIpandora Cloud, providing Web2 businesses with the quickest way to benefit from Web3.

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AIpandora Ecosystem


A blockchain instance for testing and experimentation, without the risk of using real funds or the mainnet.


AIpandora Farm is a DeFi yield aggregator. Stake your assets on AIpandora and earn optimized returns.


A reliable, scalable, and cost-effective EVM network RPC solution.

Bridge Dapps

A fast, economical, and secure way to move liquidity between EVM and non-EVM ecosystems.


A smart contract wallet designed to facilitate seamless multi-network transactions through its unique account abstraction feature.


A new innovative DEX on the AIpandora blockchain.


Unlock Astonishing Results with DeepL Network!

Phase 1

- Website Development
- Social Media Development
- Initial Marketing
- Whitepaper Release
- Community Building

Phase 2

- Token Generation Event
- Initial Exchange Listings
- Launch of Testnet
- Partnership Announcements
- Bounty Programs

Phase 3

- Mainnet Launch
- Wallet Integration
- Dapp Development Kits
- Governance Protocol Introduction
- Expansion of Marketing Efforts

Phase 4

- Cross-chain Bridge Development
- Large-scale Dapp Deployment
- Ecosystem Grant Programs
- Strategic Global Partnerships
- Full-scale Ecosystem Expansion

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